Crystal Crystal
Rose Packard-Dube
Crystal Crystal offers a range of Healing Stones, Jewelry, Clothing, Candles, Pouches, Star Catchers, Gift Sets and one of unique pieces with quality in mind. In person and absent Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions are available by appointment. Rose has 3degree Usui Reiki certificate and has done Reiki & Crystal Healing since 1992. Reiki is the laying of hands on the body and Crystal Healing involves the laying of stones on the body, both are done fully clothed, laying on a Zero Gravity Magnetite Reclining Chair , removing emotional & physical blockages, rejuvenating and healing body, mind & soul. Every healing experience is unique to the individual's needs, be it to their highest good. You can read reviews on @crystal.crystal2021 Instagram page. #crystalcrystal #healing #crystals #reiki #love
Living in NZ for most of my life, Canadian born of English/French/Native heritage with ancestors from numerous European Countries settling in Canada 1600 - 1700's and several Native American tribes, including Chiefs of Ojibway, Sioux, & Huron. My family tree goes back beyond 900AD and with the help of Ancestry Sites and DNA studies, I am learning more about my ancestors and the tree of life that connects us.
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