Kaihaukai Menu

Last month we held our annual Matariki Kaihaukai at Ima cuisine, with special guests Arataki storytellers & Eat New Zealand. Our crew worked hard to include and buy from as many Realness suppliers, services and offerings from our directory as we could. Below was our menu on the evening, and some of the businesses we used to create it.


Crayfish bisque & Fry bread - Crayfish from Tora Collective - Fry bread made by Frats & Coco’s Cantina

Smoked fish pies - Smoked Kahawai by Matakana smokehouse - Pies made by Tuck shop pies

Breads & Dips - Bread made by Fort Greene, Midnight Baker & Best Bakery - Dips by Ima & Top Hemp Pata

Slowed braised pork shoulder, Kumara with charred eggplant, crunchy winter slaw, roasted cauliflower/potatoes/chickpea & tahini, and pumpkin salad all made by Yael at Ima cuisine.

Tiramisu - Made by Coco’s Cantina with Mt Atkinson coffee

Pumpkin chocolate tarts & Custard tarts - Made by Coffee Studio

Upside down pineapple cake - Made by Chef Kyle at Coco’s Cantina

Tiakerete/Chocolates - Made by Ao Cacao

Peanut butter chocolate Gelato - Made by Little Lato

Tea & Coffee Station - Kapu Tī good gumboot tea, Pink Neon Sign Filter coffee, Cossest Chai, and Hunt & Gather Bee Company Honey

Bar & Beverages - Non alcoholic Fizzies & Beer by Mineral, IPA COLAB BEER by Brave & Vinci’s Pizza, Pilsner by Sawmill, Pinot Noir Selection & Waikoa White by Huntress Wines, Port & Stickies by BY The Bottle

If you would like to be part of next years Kaihaukai, or would like us to come to your town or city to collaborate, email us here