Lashings has new offerings

The Lashings sit-in Café has closed, However, the Lashings pick & Delivery has just got started!!!!

They are still shipping brownies and GF Caramel Slice nationwide (Auckland deliveries now able to resume), and they also have a variety of goodies

for delivery or pick-up within the Wellington region, available Tuesday–Saturday, as well as custom orders and cakes.

Still out here, making your belly happy. Check out lashings website for links to their nationwide delivery, local Shopify delivery & Custom Cakes form.

Be sure to follow them on  socials @lashingsfood to stay up to date with bits and bobs.

Need a bit more of your Lashings fix? Slide on up the stairs and see them every other Saturday for their Saturday Pop-Ups,

solo days dedicated to the things you love!

In the diary thus far:

Saturday 21st May, 10–2: SoNut Day

Saturday 4th June, 10–2: Cake Day

Saturday 18th June, 10–2: Bun & Special Brownie Day

Saturday 2nd July, 10–2: Pie Day

Have a wonderful day, and if you want to win the featured Keke-Cake, head over to our Instagram and put your name down xxx