Tamlyn Martinovich-Faulkner
Food and Drink
Do you know why you use fresh best quality seasonal produce? It's because it's cheap. You're not a hero for deciding to buy a tomato when it's 1/4 the price of one that's been sitting on a shelf in cold storage like Walt Disney's (alleged) head. That's why rather than advocating the empty merits of banal corporate speech we here at Ballards push a personality driven approach to hospo where we take cheap ugly food and make it taste good though skill and salt. Rough edges, strong stances.
No flattened focus grouped opinions of mediocrity here, nope we approach things with the idea that the customer is wrong, you come to us because you trust us because at the end of the day why do we want everything to be the same. That's a franchise. But this music isn't appropriate wine bar music. Well it's my wine bar and it's one of my carefully curated YouTube playlists so it's appropriate wine bar music. We believe in celebrating the individuality of those keeping the homes fires burning with a passion for idiosyncrasies and contrariness. Shine on.
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