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why join?

For the people, by the people. We hustle every day to support our amazing community, featuring 300+ owner-operators. By joining The Realness, you not only become part of an awesome movement - we also provide a platform for discovery, connecting you with 9000+ like-minded member subscribers giving you the visibility and support to push your businesses and kaupapa forward.

what is the criteria for joining?

The Realness represents one of a kind, independently owner-operated businesses & First Nations organisations that have been operating for at least 18 months - This is our criteria for joining, if this sounds like you - you fit the criteria. *Those who use animal proteins in their offerings, we ask that you use suppliers who are committed to better welfare practises. (See Realness agreement below)

How much does it cost?

The Realness membership costs $25 per year, and your contribution goes towards keeping the lights on. We're a small team (One unpaid full time hustler and some kind hearted helpers & volunteers), with a big goal to make membership accessible to all who qualify wherever they are in the world. If you're unable to pay but still want to join, please contact us at hello@therealness.world, and we'll gladly include you

Tangata Whenua-First Nations

Am I able to apply the Tangata Whenua-First Nations badge to my Realness profile? Showcasing Our global Tangata Whenua - First Nations whānau is an integral part of The Realness, originating from our founder Damaris of Ngāti Kahu, who is native to Aotearoa - New Zealand. We ask that our Tangata Whenua-First Nations badge be reserved for those native to the land-country they operate and reside in. For our First Nations whānau who live and operate somewhere other than the country of their indigenous people, but want to include their whakapapa - ancestry, we encourage you to incorporate it into the "Whakaaro" section on the sign up form - This is an area for you to share korero, thoughts or words that are important or special to you & where you come from, and that help us get to know you better.

ready to sign up?

Ready to sign up? The Realness requires businesses to be able to answer yes to the agreement below.

realness agreement

The business/offering I am signing up to The Realness has been in operation for at least 18 months and is operated by the person/people who own it.  It is free from deals, partnerships and contracts that could restrict how it independently operates, and is the only one of its kind (meaning -  it does not have multiple locations or shops, is not part of a chain or franchise, and the owner/s are not part of similar offerings else where). If using animal protein is part of our business/offering, we use suppliers who are, to the best of our knowledge, committed to better welfare practices.

By clicking ‘Yes’ you declare that you meet The Realness agreement above, and you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.