Hells Backbone Grill & Farm
Blake Spalding & Jen Castle
Food and Drink
Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm is located in Boulder, Utah: population 226, one of the most remote towns in the United States. The food served at Hell's Backbone Grill emphasizes regional cuisine using locally produced ingredients, including organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers from the restaurant's own no-harm organic farm. Almost every scrap of food goes back to the earth: either composted or fed to our chickens who produce our beautiful farm eggs. Recently Owner-operators Jen & Blake were selected as a 2022 James Beard Award semifinalist for Outstanding Restaurant.
Over two decades ago, Jen Castle and Blake Spalding had a wild idea: to open up a deeply rooted, ethical, locally based destination restaurant in one of the most remote towns in America. Today Hells Back Bone Grill & Farm are not just a Restaurant, they are a destination - They have a shop, a farm and they have a volunteer work for education exchange programme. Visit us in Utah and experience our offering xx
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