Momo 2020 Limited
Johana Te Momo
Momo in Maaori means type of, kind or genre! Our story means be individual, wear it ur way & own it! Momo is a funky tie-dye and bespoke company owner and operated by Johana Te Momo a Maaori designer, who has had the label Momo Girl since 1999. Johana re-launch Momo end of 2021 after lockdowns and covid, so she could work from home with her 3 tamariki/children and pursue her dreams as a fashion designer, many years after creating Momo Girl to inspire her tamariki to follow their dreams and that anything is possible!
Ethical/sustainable practices. 90% of our materials come from ethical sources. We do our best to find and work with sustainable organisations. Momo is 100% committed to sustainability! Although we are not yet perfect, we aim to be 100% sustainable and will be by the end of 2024, down to every thread made and every person accounted for. This is just the beginning for Momo and its journey, and it's one that will empower the next generation on the way. We believe in supporting New Zealanders in employment where we can. We use local machinists and pay a very generous wage. We also upcycle and reuse op shop clothing that would normally be discarded into landfill, reducing the 10% of the pollution that fast fashion causes the carbon footprint on the planet.