Te Whare Ra Wines
Anna & Jason Flowerday
Supplier or Producer
Te Whare Rā is the oldest little winery & vineyard in Marlborough - first established in 1979. Both the winery and vineyard are certified organic. Since 2003 it has been owned and operated by two winemakers - Anna & Jason Flowerday. She's an Aussie from South Australia and he's a kiwi from Marlborough. Both have wine in their veins literally & metaphorically, and after years of working for other people they made the leap to doing their own thing. They have spent the last 20 years bringing their old vines back to life by farming organically with a regenerative mindset. While most of their neighbours focused on world domination by size and volume the Flowerdays have been quietly building a reputation as thoughtful, organic winemakers whose wines are now globally recognised as amongst the best from Aotearoa. All their wines are truly hand-made. Everything is hand-picked, hand-sorted and the attention to detail is meticulous. Their team are dedicated to making delicious, authentic wines that showcase the very best of Marlborough. "Wines made with "cowsh#t not bullsh#t"
Both our families have been growing wine for multiple generations and we hope that by farming the way we do we can hand on our land to the next generation in a much better state than what we found it. That drives every decision we make. We think that organic farming is the future of farming in Aotearoa and are closely involved with Organic Winegrowers of NZ. Jason has whakapapa via his maternal grandmother back to Te Atiawa o Te Waka-a-Maui - so familial links to the Marlborough region but not strictly the area where our winery is
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