Together We Can Support Mohammed

**Support Mohammed and His Family**

we at The Realness have been matched with Mohammed and his family's GoFundMe page, set up to help them evacuate from Palestine to Egypt. This match was facilitated by a woman in California who connects supporters with those in need of GOFUNDME page amplification.

We would loveeeeeeee your support

You can help in three main ways:
1. **Donate Directly:** Click the GoFundMe link to donate, and to learn about Mohammed and his whānau and their story.
2. **Garage Sale:** Join us on Sunday, June 16th in Kapiti to support our garage sale fundariser day - Click here to the Facebook event link
3. **Share:** Spread the word by sharing the GoFundMe page or our event, or our posts on your social media.

You can follow updates on @yourwhanauinaotearoa which is an instagram set up by Dee to keep people informed.

Thank you for your support! With many small acts of kindness and generosity, great changes can be made xx

xx Arohanui D