Kaputī Studio
Whitney Nicholls-Potts
Food and Drink
Weaving together personal experience on marae, at home, & professionally as a creative Kaputī studio is an exploration of the art and culture of Kaputī in Aotearoa, NZ. Drawing from our own story growing up between two worlds where tea has been central to coming together and making things happen. We make a range of high quality teas and infusions with organic and wild harvested plants - sourcing tea and herbs from our backyard and all over the world. These serve as the physical example of how kaputī culture creates spaces that foster innovation, conversation, and togetherness - with a distinctly Māori aesthetic and vibe. Our community is important to us. All of our teas are created with a story in mind and we host and participate in events where we can share these with our community to develop these ideas in practice. It’s important to us to contribute to kaupapa that is driving positive change through business and storytelling. Our products are small batch handmade. Each batch has been blended carefully by Whitney and her team in Tāmaki Makaurau, NZ.
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